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Paper Surf No. 1

Paper Surf No. 1

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The Papersurf

Light and with a material so nice and warm to the touch. Top has a satin matt silk finish. it's smooth to the touch and easy on the eye. With a Papersurf logo embossed in gloss. And hard gloss base for a really good glide. Descreet embossed Papersurf logo. Each board has a slight unique look. Beautiful organic shades of dark brown, black and grey. A feature that is a beautiful characteristic of this material.

Some of the images are without traction pad. Not to worry, the board comes with a traction pad! 

The board: 

The edges has a variety of shapes depending on where they sit on the board. Nose and tail has a smooth rounded shape for nice touch of the hand. Over the wings they are rounded on top and below cut at a 90° angle for a good grip on snow. Shallow progressive fins. 

The leash-holder is directly pressed into the Papersurf material. No need for extra metal screws or such, as the leash is neatly tied directly onto the board. To keep it light and true to the material.

The “wings” acts quite like edges on a snowboard. Allowing controlled turns even in semi-OK snow. 

The fins makes it fun to manoeuvre, helps on crappier snow and makes riding up a t-bar quite easy. Also they are fun for gaining speed in end of turns. 

It comes with a traction pad of closed cell foam. Which works great for keeping control, but at the same time possible to move around without having to lift your feet and risk losing control. With a slight kick for front and back foot. It does not get full of snow. If there is ice on top, just push it and the ice cracks, as it is slightly soft.  

How it rides: 

This board works in all kinds of terrain. Deeper snow, more shallow and the really slushy spring blue/red slopes of a resort. 

Moving your feet to experience different ways of turning is half the fun. Maybe far back for skate like “power slides” using the fins. Or try to have both feet tight stance’d far in front when riding smooth open low pitch terrain, with the fins it’s so cool how much control one can have at high speeds still. 

Or for a good traverse: Put toes, or heels on the edge, press down. Off you go! With some practice, this works well even on the odd passage over some groomers. 

…and of course the bread and butter wide stance’d soul cruise. So yes, the new moves are endless at this point. Send us yours! 

Full  Length 148,5 cm / Nose 32,7cm / Waist 28,2cm / Tail 27,9

...And oh! Please don't be a kook - ALWAYS ride these boards with a leash. 

We are estimating to be shipping 7th of Feb



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