The material

Papersurf is locally produced in Tibro, Sweden at PaperShell, a new state of the art component manufacturer creating a sustainable material which is set to disrupt the way the world consumes plastics and other harmful materials. 

PaperShell makes material components for brands like Polestar, Cake bikes and Italian furniture company Arper. All PaperShell projects generate an immediate carbon reduction of between 90-98% compared to existing methods of manufacturing similar products. PaperShell is currently building their new massive factory to produce components and change the way we look at sustainable materials

How does PaperShell make the Papersurf? You may have guessed it already. Paper sheets are made from cellulose pulp which comes from residual waste from the Swedish paper industry. This material would otherwise go unused and be incinerated to produce heat for example. Several sheets are pressed with many hundreds of tons pressure and heat together with a semi-cellulose binding material which is also a bi-product from the paper industry. 

The result is a completely homogenous, high-tech composite material with impressive qualities. It has the warmth of plywood and it much stronger. It is significantly lighter than fiberglass (and more environmentally friendly). It’s waterproof, heat resistant and ages beautifully almost like leather. If there is a scratch, you can treat it with a cloth and linseed oil. Don't underestimate paper as a raw material! This is a new high-tech bio material. 

We are constantly working together with PaperShell to make all stages of the production as efficient as possible, reduce waste and the overall carbon footprint.

Though we have a traction pad, we are in full swing to find the right partner to deliver a 100% bio material pad, that also does not compromise on performance. Do you have ideas or know of existing solutions? Please get in touch! 

See the process the last 16 months: 

Phase one: 

Phase two: